Camacho Rolling Out Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged (Author David Clough)

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First it was Bourbon barrels, now it’s rum barrels. Shipping to retail later this month, the Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged line contains Nicaraguan Corojo that spent five months in Nicaraguan rum barrels before being rolled into a cigar. It’s the follow-up to the Camacho American Barrel-Aged, a cigar that debuted in 2015 that is blended with Kentucky Bourbon barrel-aged tobacco.

“We began working with intense, Nicaraguan-grown Corojo fillers, painstakingly aging them in extra-old Nicaraguan rum barrels for five months,” said Dylan Austin, vice president of marketing for Davidoff of Geneva USA. “To hit the mark, our master [blenders] worked with the team at Flor de Caña in Nicaragua to hand select these barrels for optimal humidity, some of which had been filled with rum for 25 years.”

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged, from left: Robusto, Toro and Gordo.

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged cigars come draped in an Ecuadoran Havana 2000 wrapper that covers a Negrito San Andrés binder from Mexico and filler from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The cigar ships in three sizes: Robusto, at 5 inches by 50 ring gauge ($10); Toro, 6 by 50 ($11); and Gordo, at 6 by 60 ($12).

Aside from the inspiration it draws from Camacho American-Barrel Aged, Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged also borrows elements from a different Camacho cigar: Powerband. The company says Powerband is crafted with a proprietary bunching method that improves combustion and flavor performance, and Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged is made with the same bunching method.

All three cigars are part of what Camacho calls its Master Built Series.

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged is slated to launch nationally across the United States on June 22. The cigars are rolled at the new Camacho cigar factory, Diadema Cigars De Honduras, S.A., located in Danlí, Honduras. Camacho cigars are owned and distributed by Swiss company Oettinger Davidoff A.G.

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